Come Aboard With Us!

Mariam Minadze
Digital Marketer
I learned a lot working with Neqson Technologies and continue to learn everyday, we grow together. Working with a great team makes it so easy to get things done whether it is individually or together!
Tamar Intskirveli
Design Specialist
Luckily, by the end of my Bachelor studies, I got to have a pleasure of Internship in Web-Marketing at Neqson Technologies. As a student I felt very supported at Neqson in balancing work and study. I’ve had a great experience and gladly now I am the member of Neqson team! It’s rare and gladly surprising to find a working environment so understanding of co-worker’s time and resources. Not only did I get a chance to sharpen the skills I already had, also, I got an opportunity to grow and learn new skills along the way. Additionally-the possibility to work remotely is a huge pro! I also clearly feel, that my creativity only grows with additional projects and it’s so great to be able to participate in various projects which need creative thinking. Clearly, it’s only the beginning and the best is yet to begin!
Office administrator
Woof, woof woof Neqson techonologies, woof!
Vladimer Keinashvili
Back-end Developer
Software Engineer
My journey as back-end software engineer started at Neqson Technologies. I joined the team at the end of 2022. It’s been my first steps as software engineer in this industry and I am excited with my job.Since I joined the team I had a possibility to start working on real project soon. Before Neqson Technologies I have worked on local and international projects. My team members are helping me to grow myself in this field, and I am looking forward to work on many interesting project.
Luka Mkalavishvili
Front-end Developer
My route in Neqson Technologies started in 2021. It's been my first steps in the IT industry. I started my job as a front-end developer with a little knowledge, but I was excited with my new job. First time communication is always hard, especially when you are new in the group, but with the support of my team members I gained confidence and experience quickly. Even though we have been working online at the beginning because of the pandemic and had to communicate without seeing each other, they have been putting a lot of effort to help me to grow.
Anri Varshanidze
Back-end developer
I joined the Neqson Technologies in 2022 as PHP/Laravel back-end developer, It's been my first steps in the IT industry, I'm working with great team and it's pleasure for me. My team members and working on real projects are helping me to grow.
Natia Jichonaia
Neqson Technologies has become a company full of new opportunities and experiences for me, where I can grow on daily bases. In Neqson Technologies you'll find a friendly environment where each member of the team is ready to share their knowledge and help you to unlock your full potential. Every day is different and you always have a chance to learn and evolve. All of these aspects really help me to turn my ideas into reality, learn more about my abilities and set new goals.